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The Million Crypto Coin Homepage FAQ

What is this site about?

The goal of this website is to provide an advertisement platform where 1 million pixels are available for sale (in 10x10 pixel blocks) for all Bitcoin and crypto currency related websites, products, and services.

We are accepting all Bitcoin, Alt-Coins, and ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) related links. This includes any website that accepts any type of crypto currency payments for their products or services.

As the crypto currency revolution takes place, our goal is to capture this historic momentum that is taking place for everyone to see in the years to come.

Who is this site for?

We welcome both old and new crypto currency users. Take a look around, you may be surprised at what you find!

You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on new websites as they appear on our directory.

Why create a crypto currency directory?

To showcase to the world what the crypto currency marketplace has to offer!

It isn't exactly easy to find all this information anywhere else unless one is a crypto currency enthusiast.

How does it work?

Every purchased block(s) has an image with a description and a website link to an advertiser's product or service. When you hover over it, it will display that description explaining what it is about and clicking on it will redirect you to the URL if one was submitted.

Every website submitted is manually reviewed before being approved.

How to place an ad?

To reserve a spot for an advert, requires a purchase of a minimum of 1 block (10x10 pixels).

The more blocks purchased, the more clicks it will attract!

How to purchase?

Go get started, go to the Get Pixels page and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems during the process, please contact us.

How to pay?

After arriving at the final step of the pixel submission process, you will be asked to make a payment to finalize the transaction:

All submissions require manual approval that can take up to 48 hours to process

What payment options are available?

We currently only accept Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for payment.

Notice: We will be updating this section on how to purchase Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.