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Bitcoin - The Internet of Money
Is Bitcoin About to explode again?
Yes it is...but let's explore why:
Crypto Currencies are making history and Bitcoin is leading the way....
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Bitcoin: The Internet of Money
Are crypto currencies on the rise again?
If you've been following Bitcoin for a while you would know that historically, whenever Bitcoin begins its ascension to new heights, other crypto coins follow right behind. This occurs approximately every 4 years and has remained consistently true for the past decade.

"But WHY is that?"
   Cryptos Are Deflationary by Design
   Cryptos Are Resilient: "Nearly 100% Hack Proof"
   New Investors Are Consistently Moving In with even bigger pockets!
While these three reasons explain why Bitcoin's price remains on an upward trend over time, it doesn't exactly explain why Bitcoin's price begins to rise as a sudden explosion in demand (bubble) takes form approximately every 4 years. There is one major element to the way Bitcoin functions that doesn't get much attention (Halving Events), so let's examine that a bit more:
The What?
While market forces, geo-politics, and technical matters are the biggest indicators in predicting the price of Bitcoin, one key component that is most important and often overlooked are "halving events." Bitcoin goes through a massive price bubble approximately every 4 years, and when it does so, it reaches ever new heights, setting an even bigger record than before. This all appears to be correlated after the moment that Bitcoin experiences a "halving event." Take a look at this chart so you can see previous halving events and the resulting price of Bitcoin (in US dollars) after those events have occurred:
Bitcoin Halving Events
Technical Explanation
Bitcoin miners compete to secure the Bitcoin "blockchain" at a diminishing rate of Bitcoin miner rewards. When a miner successfully calculates a Bitcoin block, they are rewarded a certain amount of Bitcoin plus any 'miner fees' paid by Bitcoin user transactions. While miner fees are increasing, the actual number of "minable" Bitcoins is decreasing, as per the Bitcoin protocol, to enforce a controlled supply of Bitcoin. The total number of Bitcoins that can ever exist and can be mined is fixed at 12 million Bitcoins. As of September 2020, there are approximately only 2.5 Million Bitcoins left to mine. Therefore because the number of "minable" Bitcoins is decreasing, the Bitcoin protocol has in place what's called a "halving" or "halvening" that essentially 'halves' the total Bitcoin miner reward after 210,000 Bitcoin blocks have been mined:

Take a look at the above orange highlighted halving events and notice the dates...it demonstrates that the halving events have occurred approximately every 4 years.
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Daily Bitcoin Transactions
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Global Crypto Market Capitalization
Maturity Phrase and Mainstream Adoption
Whats next for bitcoin?
As with all other technological advances, there's always an initial slow adoption rate before a technology in question eventually takes off. In 1994, when the Internet was still in its infancy, there was less than a 0.25% global adoption rate, and the Internet as we know it was founded in the 1960's, 30 years prior. To put that into perspective, as of 2017, Bitcoin and other crypto coins had about a 0.50% global adoption rate. This is why Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as "The Internet of Money," it is an innovative digital currency that has been in use for over a decade and is on course to become another accepted technological innovation, just like how the Internet came to be. As it stands, even though more than half of all Bitcoin have already been mined, Bitcoin as well as many other Crypto coins are still in a mid-growth stage and have barely begun to enter the maturity stage (mainstream adoption). It is becoming easier these days to buy crypto currencies right from your own smartphone, finding merchants accepting crypto currencies as payment, and with the exploration of using Bitcoin technology "the blockchain" new projects are being created that compete with existing ones we already rely on such as cloud storage, social networking, encrypted communications, and so on. All of these different crypto currency market of ideas essentially support this brand new financial eco-system that revolve around Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

What does this all mean?
bitcoin is about to explode again!
The graphic above exemplifies the exact same pattern of every bubble in history. The different stages are labelled "Market Paradigm Phases." First, there's a slow start, then there's some momentum, this momentum drives the market to exponential growth, and eventually this exponential growth causes the 'smart money,' or early investors to begin pulling out. Soon the markets peak and begins the inevitable crash. Bitcoin has gone through this same exact pattern at least four significant times in the past. Take a look at the charts on the left so you can see every Bitcoin price run up and how they resemble the graphic above.
Notice the initial 'take off/starting price,' then it's 'peak price' and finally it's 'floor price.' The 'floor price' is the price at which Bitcoin stabilizes and doesn't dip below this price anytime again in the future. Because Bitcoin is deflationary, the price never goes below it's previously 'floor price' and the price continues on it's upward journey. Bitcoin's last floor price was reached in 2018 when it stabilized at around $3,000 and since then has crept just above $10,000 a number of times signalling that the markets are inching for the next Bitcoin bubble that is due to arrive in the coming months or years.
   The Bitcoin price floor of $3K has been established.
   Crypto currency global adoption rate is about 5%.
   The price of Bitcoin is currently hovering at around $13,000.
   The 2020 Halving Event has occurred.
   The market is primed for another take off!
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